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The Time Machine
Alan Parsons Video Promo
Release date: sept 1st 1999

This Video Promo was designed, animated and rendered in approx 4 weeks time.

It was designed and directed by Ben Liebrand, incorporating 2 designs by
Storm Thorgerson (Hipgnosis UK). One design by Storm was 'the crazy tube city'
Another one is the man dragging the huge watch over the beach. These designs
which were pencil drawings, were then translated into 3D models and used in the clip

The style of the video is 'early 1900 science fiction' as Jules Vernes would have liked it.
The time machine itself is of the total-flux-envelope kind, it uses 4 conductor coils which
rotate round the main body creating a field which totally surrounds the main body.
One side effect is that the main body tends to rotate in the counter direction due to
the mechanical forces applied. A quick trip into the future will solve this problem by
incorporating a gyroscope in the base of the body (Trips like these ironically, save a lot time)

Everything was modeled. animated and rendered by Ben Liebrand using Softimage3D.
Rendering was done on 8 Silicon Graphics R10000 processors devided over 2
Octane's and 2 Origin 200 servers. (It will take some time for all images to load)

Untill further notice, you can download the video promo here

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